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Just because we do payroll…doesn’t mean we’re boring.

Payroll Boutique is a payroll company focused on helping small businesses with full-service payroll processing and payroll support.

  • Payroll can be complex and stressful, and we aim to simplify the daunting and often difficult payroll process.

  • We understand the importance of payroll accuracy and compliance, which is why we have an "employee first" outlook while at the same time ensuring that your employee’s hard work is reflected correctly in their paychecks.

  • We are passionate about clear and efficient communication, and helping you with the utmost integrity.

  • Payroll is not the same from client to client. We will work as a team to develop a customized payroll strategy that works for you, your employees, and your business - because your payroll is as unique as you are.


  • Full-Service Payroll
  • Payroll Support
  • HR Support Services
  • Contractor Payments

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