Santa Rosa Community Health - Vista Campus

3569 Round Barn Circle, Santa Rosa, CA 95403

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Located in northeast Santa Rosa, Vista Family Health Center provides comprehensive primary care and mental health services. Each patient partners with a personal physician, nurse practitioner, or physicianÂ’s assistant, who works within a team of health care staff to ensure that each patient receives the care they need.

We care for everyone, from pregnancy and birth, through infancy, childhood and adulthood, to the end of life. We treat patients when they are sick or injured, and when they have chronic conditions like diabetes or asthma. In addition, there is an emphasis on disease prevention and wellness.

The Vista Family Health Center is affiliated with the Santa Rosa Family Medicine Residency Program, which provides a post-graduate medical education to 36 family practice residents.

Languages Spoken by Providers & Staff:

* English
* Spanish
* Cambodian
* Chinese
* Vietnamese

Translation services are available for other languages and for the hearing impaired.


We offer the following primary care services:

* Primary care
* Obstetrics
* WomenÂ’s health care
* Internal medicine
* Pediatrics including well-child exams
* Family planning/contraceptive methods
* Behavioral and mental health care
* Diabetes clinics
* Immunization clinics
* Geriatric health care
* Transgender health care
* Integrative medicine
* HIV Services

Specialty Clinics:

* Gastroenterology
* Neurology
* Rheumatology
* Endocrinology and Thyroid
* Podiatry
* Physical Medicine
* Ophthalmology and Optometry
* Vasectomy
* Gynecology and OB
* Acupuncture

We offer the following additional services:

* Lactation support
* Healthy eating, active living classes for families
* Education for pregnant and post-partum women and their families
* Chronic pain management groups
* Diabetes education
* Wellness clinic



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