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Families come in all shapes and sizes. From nuclear families to 'blended' families, from single parent families to extended families. Couples may have their first child in their 20s, 30s or in their 40s. And then, of course, children grow and families change! Yet there's one constant — these families share one abiding passion. Parents simply want the best for their families. Our mission is to help them find the best, whatever it is.

We currently publish two monthly magazines Mendo-Lake Family-Life Magazine and Sonoma Family-Life Magazine . The magazine is delivered free to the community through a tri-county distribution network. To get a feel for the kind of topics that we cover please feel free to check out our Back Issues, and upcoming Editorial Calendars. We also host numerous Special Events including: The Family-Life Expo & Home Show, The Summer Camp Adventure Fair, and the The Baby & Child Fair. And of course we host this interactive, national award-winning community website.

Our purpose is not to prescribe solutions to families, but just to explore opportunities with them. We leave political and spiritual advocacy to others so as to make this a welcoming family and community-building venue for all. We've been publishing since 1992, and have been awarded a variety of national awards for editorial quality and design for the magazine and also the website from the Parenting Publication of America

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