Sunrise Solar

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Sunrise Solar was born from the desire to help encourage and guide the adoption of solar energy further into the mainstream.

Before creating Sunrise Solar in 2012, the owner-managers, Steve and Kevin worked together for five years at their former employer, a well-respected Sonoma County solar installation company. Driven by personal ambition and a desire to do things a little differently, Steve and Kevin parted ways with their old employer, received a solar contractor’s license, earned a NABCEP certification, and have started pursuing their vision of bringing solar to an ever-widening group of homeowners and business owners.

Steve and Kevin are highly experienced solar installers and love what they do. One or both of them is the acting on-site foreman for every installation the company performs. They both have a keen eye for craftsmanship and will bend over backwards to make sure the customer is thrilled with Sunrise Solar at all times.

When Kevin and Steve started installing solar systems in 2007, it was prohibitively expensive and out of reach for most people. They saw this trend start to change from only well-appointed custom homes going solar to homes in all different neighborhoods going solar. Things are much different now than they were in the summer of 2007 with the average cost of a solar installation being lower than it ever has and with panels being more powerful than ever.

Steve and Kevin would love for you to benefit from their extensive experience, competitive pricing and superior customer service. At least let them throw their hat in the ring if you are getting multiple bids. You’ll be impressed with their professionalism and the added value their company brings to the table.




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