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Plants trees as gifts in U.S. National Forests that have been destroyed by wildfire.

Offers personalized certificates and cards from $15-$59, recycled wood frames, an online name registry and online access to photos, maps, and information about where trees are planted.

From the 2/1/11 edition of Inside Sonoma online magazine:

Scientists say that one of the best things ordinary folks can do to fight global warming is to plant trees. This is precisely what inspired Kim Isley to found her company, Trees for a Change, in 2007.

The Santa Rosa outfit allows people to give the gifts of life--plant life. The tree-gifts can be given for all occasions, and are planted in national forests that have been destroyed by wildfire.

"While I like my 'stuff' as much as the next person, I am often overwhelmed by the focus on material things in our culture," says Isley, who dubs herself the Treehugger-in-Chief. "The idea behind Trees for a Change is that a small shift in the way we think about and give gifts can create a big change in our world."

Prices for these unique gifts range from $35 for one tree to $125 for a pack of ten. So far, the company has planted almost 4,600 trees.

Isley's company doesn't just promote green; it lives green, too. The business recycles everything it can, and incorporates recycled supplies and materials whenever possible. Case in point: All framed certificates come in frames made from recycled wood.

Overall, Isley notes that Sonoma County is the "perfect place" for her company because residents "value what we value: honoring the rich and vibrant Earth and all her gifts." Don't take our word for it, though; check out Trees for a Change for yourself.


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Watch our video to find out more about what we do and where we plant our trees.