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655 Duer Rd, Sebastopol, CA 95472

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Got WordPress? We're your Dawg.

When you subscribe to Web WatchDawg for $110 a month, you get an hour of best of breed web support, plus all the essentials every website needs: reliable remote backups, faithful automatic updates, vigilant downtime monitoring, and steadfast security.

Web WatchDawg gives you peace of mind. You know your website is in good hands. When you need any kind of web support, content updates or training we’ve got you covered.

Web WatchDawg is run by Linton Hale, an expert WordPress web developer with more than twenty years experience supporting small to mid-sized businesses and nonprofits. Linton works closely with you to design and build, and then to maintain and help you grow your website.

“I like to help you develop your unique vision for your unique website. I enjoy sharing the feeling that comes to you when everything’s working and everything's looking just as you wanted!” ~ Linton

Why do you need Web WatchDawg? Well, the big reason is that WordPress is by far the most popular web content management software ever. WordPress is now running more than 40% of the internet, which makes it a big target for hackers. It's crucial to consistently back up your website to a remote location, to keep your software up to date, to monitor for downtime, and to maintain the newest and best possible security features.

Web WatchDawg can handle all that and more. We're your website's best friend!

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  • When you subscribe to Web WatchDawg you get an extra hour of web design time you can use in your first month on your first visit.




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