To Neptune and Back!

2605 Adobe Canyon Rd, Santa Rosa, CA 95403

June 17, 2023


Join us as we walk through the cosmos (on a scale model) and discuss the vast distance between our neighboring planets.

The Sugarloaf Ridge Planet Walk is a unique opportunity to connect with the nature of planet earth as we discuss the incredible nature of the stars and beyond.

Each step on the planet walk is scaled to represent 2.3 million miles so If you were to take a step every 5 seconds, you’d be traveling at the speed of light!

Starting at the White Barn and ending at the Robert Ferguson Observatory, we’ll walk to Neptune and back!

This will be a moderate hike with an estimated elevation change of around 900ft and it will take approximately 2.5 hours to complete. The hike will end at the observatory where we’ll have an opportunity to observe the most important celestial object in our solar system, the sun!

The Observatory will have solar viewing between 11am and 3pm so if you walk to the outer planets with us you can see the sun’s great prominence on your return!



June 17, 2023