Business and Organization Member Resources

Business and Organization Member Resources

GO LOCAL is a marketing network for locally owned independent businesses. Members work together using a shared brand and a Rewards program to increase sales. This is your member resource page. You'll find the tools and materials you need to fold GO LOCAL branding and messaging into your marketing.

Local Business Resilience Fund 2023

GO LOCAL and Sustaining Technologies are offering a matching funds program to help dozens of locally owned businesses strengthen their marketing to increase sales.

MERCHANTS: Pocket Guide, Summer/Fall 2023 Edition

Making it easier for Sonoma County residents to GO LOCAL.

SIX Reasons to GO LOCAL
MERCHANTS: Media Offers

Supercharge your GO LOCAL membership. GO LOCAL provides members with discounted and exclusive advertising rates.

MERCHANTS: Member Benefits

If you want to increase your presence as a GO LOCAL member and take advantage of the benefits, WORK YOUR MEMBERSHIP.

Have a GO LOCAL Holiday in 2021!
2021 Amazon Fact Sheet - Institute for Local Self-Reliance

This article from the Institute for Local Self-Reliance details the specific ways in which Amazon abuses its market dominance to harm smaller competitiors and what Congress needs to do.

GO LOCAL Category Logos - For Member Use Only

GO LOCAL logos for download use by business and organization members only. 

VIDEO: What it Means to be a GO LOCAL Business Member

These are the members that really understand the power of the shared brand and have used it successfully to drive growth in their respective businesses.

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