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All About Rewards Card

All About Rewards Card

Many thanks to all the local folks who have helped make GO LOCAL Rewards Card one of the most innovative local currency debit cards in the US. Please consider being a Rewards Card merchant. If you're a Sonoma County resident get a card today and support our local businesses while you earn and spend rewards.

RADIO: KRCB on GO LOCAL Rewards Card Growth
The number of people actively using GO LOCAL rewards cards, and the number of businesses honoring them, both grew substantially in 2013.
Author Bruce Robinson Date 02/06/2014
Become a Rewards Card Merchant
Rewards merchants offer rewards to cardholders as a thanks for choosing local first.  Merchants can customize rewards to suit their specific needs.
Date 01/02/2014
Cooperative Money: The Key to Sustainable Prosperity
GO LOCAL Board Member Philip Beard shares his thoughts about local currency.
Author Philip Beard Date 06/23/2013
What Goes Around...
Several years ago Derek Huntington and Philip Beard cooked up the idea of ‘spendable rebates’ conveyed through digital card readers and plastic cards linked through the internet to form a network.
Date 10/07/2012
MEDIA: GO LOCAL Rewards Card in the Press
“You're going to give me a discount every time I come in? Absolutely,” he said.
Date 08/19/2012
CFCU Rewards Form
Link your CFCU debit card your Rewards account with this form.
Date 07/01/2012
Groupon Schmupon
Is a Groupon Deal Right for Your Business?  Some Analysis and Three "How-to" Videos to Help You Make a Decision
Author Terry Garrett Date 06/30/2011
Bohemian Article on Rewards Card
In February, the Sonoma County GoLocal Cooperative took preliminary steps toward establishing a countywide credit-clearing system. Fancy economic jargon aside, credit clearing fosters a network of exchanges between local merchants and residents.
Author GO LOCAL Staff Date 06/13/2010

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