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Local Business Resilience Fund 2023

GO LOCAL and Sustaining Technologies are offering a matching funds program to help dozens of locally owned businesses strengthen their marketing to increase sales.

Top 5 Reasons to Choose a Community Bank or Credit Union

Move Your Money!

MERCHANTS: Refer Local Overview and Upcoming Meetings

Refer Local is a monthly networking and referral meeting for GO LOCAL members, supporting our mission of economic development marketing through relationship building and local patronage. Get to know your fellow GO LOCAL business members and gain new customers!

Local Economic Pollinators

Resident consumption controls 70% of the economy. Buying local packs a powerful force for economic good.

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The ABCs of Local Investing: Watch the Recorded Webinar
The ABCs of Local Investing Webinar with local economist Michael Shuman was on Wednesday, March 23, 2022 and hosted by the American Independent Business Alliance.
MERCHANTS: Member Benefits
If you want to increase your presence as a GO LOCAL member and take advantage of the benefits, WORK YOUR MEMBERSHIP.
Nonprofit Fold-Out in Bohemian - Oct. 20, 2021
Shop Early, Shop Local: October is the New December
Why Shop Indie Local early this holiday season? 
Economic Impact of Cannabis - 2021 Foldout in Bohemian
2021 GO LOCAL Community Survey
Holiday Fold-Out in Bohemian - Dec. 2020
View GO LOCAL's part in a special 8-page foldout that was inserted in the North Bay Bohemian in early December, 2020.
Help Your Local Businesses Weather COVID-19
Five Steps to Keep American Business Alive During COVID-19
A Call to Action for Local Business Save Our Economy Now: Five Steps to Keep American Business Alive
Sonoma County Restaurant Week 2020
See GO LOCAL's 8-page insert in the North Bay Bohemian promoting EAT LOCAL and Restaurant Week 2020
Holiday Fold-Out in Bohemian - Dec. 2019
Gift a Membership in 2020