Local Economic Development

Take a glimpse into the importance of local economic development.
Local Business Resilience Fund 2023

GO LOCAL and Sustaining Technologies are offering a matching funds program to help dozens of locally owned businesses strengthen their marketing to increase sales.

The Local Economic Multiplier Effect

How Independent Locally Owned Businesses Help Your Community Thrive

Testimonials for Local Business Recovery Fund
Economic Impact of Cannabis - 2021 Foldout in Bohemian
2021 GO LOCAL Community Survey
Public Procurement: The Untapped Stimulus

In 2017, according to Census data, state and local governments collectively spent about $3.7 trillion. Increasing the flow of these trillions toward local businesses in the post-COVID era could generate enormous boosts in local income, wealth, and jobs. Moreover, this stimulus would cost your state nothing—in fact, it would probably save billions of public dollars.

Help Your Local Businesses Weather COVID-19
How to GO LOCAL First in Sonoma County

GO LOCAL First asks you to think about the many advantages of choosing local first.  Locally owned businesses provide more jobs, support more local non-profits and provide our local flavor, character and personality.

Own a local business and interested in GO LOCAL?
Why Care about Locally Owned, Independent Businesses?

By supporting local retailers, local residents and officials can create a healthier, more sustainable community.

Cannabis and its Impact on our Local Economy
Small, Local Businesses Drive Sonoma County Economy
Local Economic Pollinators

Resident consumption controls 70% of the economy. Buying local packs a powerful force for economic good.

Oliver's Market Local Economic Multiplier Analysis

According to a 2011 analysis conducted by Sonoma State University, buying Sonoma County products from Oliver's Market benefits the Sonoma County economy TWICE as much as buying national brands from chain stores.

Local Banks and Credit Unions: More Loans, Less Defaults
Top 10 Ingredients of a Local Economy
Buy Local Programs Drive Higher Sales

An annual survey has found that independent businesses experienced solid revenue growth in 2012, buoyed in part by “buy local first” initiatives and growing public interest in supporting locally owned businesses.

The Buy Local First Dividend: A Chain Reaction

Study after study has indicated the economic benefits to a local community when residents choose local businesses for purchases.  It's called the economic multiplier effect.  By choosing local first, the economic multiplier kicks in and we return $25 more of every $100 spent to recirculate in our local economy.

The Vital Role of Local Ownership of Local Businesses
Why Bank Local?

Local banks and credit unions play an important role in our local economy that increases the impact of the shift.


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Indie Business Survey Shows Big Revenue Gains 2014
Entrepreneurs Turn to a New Source of Funds: Their Neighbors
The Wall Street Journal features Stacy MItchell, Jenny Kassan and Michael Shuman in an article on the front of their June 11, 2014 business section. Forget "Buy Local." A Growing Movement Is Urging People To Take Grass-Roots Support Further And Invest Local.
Ten Steps Guide for Starting a Sonoma County Business
The EDB’s step-by-step guide to starting a new business. "Ten Steps" will guide you seamlessly through the process of getting your business started andcompliant with rules and regulations.
Localist Policy Agenda ASAP
Stacy Mitchell from the Institute for Local Self-Reliance breaks it down.  Public Policy matters if we want significant changes in building local economies.
INFOGRAPHIC: Culture of Entrepreneurism
The stronger our culture of entrepreneurism in Sonoma County, the stronger our economy will be.  Connect the dots.
OPINION: Local Government's Role
General Manager Tom Scott of Oliver's Markets and local investigative journalist Jonathan Greenberg combined forces to offer an invaluable primer in the April 2013 issue of North Bay Biz magazine for local government's role in helping local economies to thrive.
ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT: Thinking Outside the Big Box
Danielle O'Leary is the Economic Development Manager for the City of Santa Rosa.  She has been working with GO LOCAL over the past year or so to find creative ways to implement import replacement theory.
VIDEO: Stacy Mitchell on TEDx Talks
She is a frequent contributor to this website and we always eagerly await her insights into discovering the essence of our economic woes and how to fix them.
VIDEO: Why Place Matters and Why Local Investment Matters
Businesses are not only meant to make money, but to create value in their communities. The opportunity of our lifetime is to cultivate the emergence of a financial and economic system that serves life, rather than the other way around—an economy where relationships matter most.