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The More Small Businesses, the Better Our Health!
Baylor University researchers discover strong links between small business presence in a community and the physical health of the people they serve.
KRCB Documentary Analyzes Demise of Global Financial System
Bill Moyers' documentary featured on KRCB Television details how power and influence helped big banks rewrite the rules of our economy.
Dream On, Press Democrat Editors
"Occupy" participant  and commentator Dr. Shepherd Bliss responds to PD editorial claiming the movement has burnt itself out, in the wake of violence in Oakland.
ILSR Survey: Independent Businesses Report Strong Holiday Sales
Nationwide Survey Shows Gains for Independent Businesses in 2011 and Biggest Gains for Businesses Served by Groups Like Sonoma County GoLocal
Challenging Our Assumptions
Looking at our assumptions in disagreements can help us resolve them better.
Improving Parent-Teen Communication
Tips and Strategies
Good Conflict and Bad Conflict
How can we reframe conflict to have positive outcomes?
GO LOCAL and Sustaining Technologies Ink New Deal
GO LOCAL has entered into a new five-year management agreement for management services to be provided by Sustaining Technologies (ST). 
New California Budget Project Analysis Shows Widening Income Inequality in State, Mirroring National Trend
Income Gains in Recent Decades Were Heavily Concentrated Among the State's Wealthiest
Community First Earns Green Certification
At All Six of Its Sonoma County Locations
Projecting a Professional Image
How to Write an Effective Ad