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The Sustainability Story of Revive
GO LOCAL member Sean Lovett of revive drinks tells his story of commitment to sustainability in producing and distributing a unique kombucha beverage out of their Windsor, CA production facility.
Date 02/24/2014
Waste Reduction Program for Carryout Bags Ordinance Begins Soon
Ordinance bans the issuance of plastic carryout bags and imposes a 10 cent fee on paper bags. Starts March 21, 2014. Enforcement begins September 1, 2014.
Date 02/20/2014
Ten Steps Guide for Starting a Sonoma County Business
The EDB’s step-by-step guide to starting a new business. "Ten Steps" will guide you seamlessly through the process of getting your business started andcompliant with rules and regulations.
Date 02/18/2014
Boeing-Boeing Opens February 21 at 6th Street Playhouse
Sexy French Farce Will Keep Audiences Laughing
Date 02/17/2014
Redwood Hill Chevre at Cheesemonger Invitational
Redwood Hill Farm Chevre and Fruity Pebbles Featured in Perfect Bite from Winner of First West Coast Cheesemonger Invitational - Cereal and (goat) milk never looked or tasted so good.
Date 02/17/2014
Summit Reports a 25% increase in Earnings for 2013 and Declaration of Dividend
Local leader Summit State Bank delivers strong 2013 report
Date 02/17/2014
Tips from Sonoma County Mortgages
What local short sale survivors must know when seeking a mortgage again.
Author Scott Sheldon Date 02/13/2014
RCU Donates Over $5,100 to Red Cross Typhoon Relief Effort
RCU members and employees recently contributed more than $5,100 to the American Red Cross, benefitting victims of the Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.
Date 02/11/2014
RADIO: KRCB on GO LOCAL Rewards Card Growth
The number of people actively using GO LOCAL rewards cards, and the number of businesses honoring them, both grew substantially in 2013.
Author Bruce Robinson Date 02/06/2014

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