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The Local Economic Multiplier Effect
How Independent Locally Owned Businesses Help Your Community Thrive
Dining Out For Life Lands on World AIDS Day!
Sonoma County’s Largest Dine-and-Donate Event Takes Place Thursday, December 1, 2022, Raising Funds To Benefit Sonoma County Residents Living with HIV and Other Serious Medical Conditions
Have a GO LOCAL Holiday 2022
MERCHANTS: Outdoor Digital Board Advertising
Reach Sonoma County commuters with this special GO LOCAL co-op ad buy.
Nonprofit Fold-Out in Bohemian - Oct. 19, 2022
MERCHANTS: Streaming & Cable TV Packages 2022
MERCHANTS: Pocket Guide, Winter '23/Spring '24 Edition
Making it easier for Sonoma County residents to GO LOCAL.
MERCHANTS: Holiday Direct Mail Gift Guide 2023
GO LOCAL holiday magazine, delivered directly to 24,000 Santa Rosa households the week of Thanksgiving, 2023
About Sonoma County GO LOCAL
Sonoma County GO LOCAL Cooperative is a community alliance of businesses, non-profit organizations, and government agencies. GO LOCAL provides economic development marketing for locally-owned, independent businesses.
Top 5 Reasons to Choose a Community Bank or Credit Union
Move Your Money!
MERCHANTS: Member Benefits
If you want to increase your presence as a GO LOCAL member and take advantage of the benefits, WORK YOUR MEMBERSHIP.
2021 Amazon Fact Sheet - Institute for Local Self-Reliance
This article from the Institute for Local Self-Reliance details the specific ways in which Amazon abuses its market dominance to harm smaller competitiors and what Congress needs to do.