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2021 GO LOCAL Community Survey
MERCHANTS: GO LOCAL and Northbay biz Magazine Co-op Advertising
Reach locals year round with our new, cost effective, DOUBLE advertising opportunity: North Bay business execs with NorthBay biz magazine, and Sonoma County local/specialty shoppers with GO LOCAL Magazines
GO LOCAL Rewards Program Explained
Shopping Local Matters - Oliver's Updated Study 2020
Oliver’s Markets Releases Results of Newly Updated Research
How to GO LOCAL First in Sonoma County
GO LOCAL First asks you to think about the many advantages of choosing local first.  Locally owned businesses provide more jobs, support more local non-profits and provide our local flavor, character and personality.
GO LOCAL Category Logos - For Member Use Only
GO LOCAL logos for download use by business and organization members only. 
Why Bank Local?
Local banks and credit unions play an important role in our local economy that increases the impact of the shift.  
Santa Rosa Moves $1.5 Million to Local Banks and Credit Unions
City of Santa Rosa is moving $1.5 million in deposits ($250,000 each) to Community First Credit Union, Exchange Bank, First Community Bank, Redwood Credit Union, Sonoma County Grange Credit Union and Summit State Bank.
VIDEO: What GO LOCAL Does, in One Minute
GO LOCAL works to increase market share to locally owned businesses in Sonoma County.
Why Support MADE LOCAL?
When you're MADE LOCAL, you are a healthy part of a vibrant community and clean environment. Better food. Better for the economy. Better for you.
Oliver's Market Local Economic Multiplier Analysis
According to a 2011 analysis conducted by Sonoma State University, buying Sonoma County products from Oliver's Market benefits the Sonoma County economy TWICE as much as buying national brands from chain stores.
Bank Local Switch Guide
This switch guide will help you understand the process, and knowledgeable staff will be available to assist you at whichever local bank or credit union you choose.