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Made in China - An Asian American Perspective
America is a land of immigrants.  All of our ancestors migrated here from other countries - except for the Native Americans or Indigenous People.  We were once all immigrants.  Work to improve your community and find solutions that unify, not divide your city, state or country.  Get to know your neighbors.
Lina Hoshino and Angelo Sacerdote—Personally Speaking
Lina and Angelo share some thoughts on living in Sonoma County. What for you defines 'quality of life'?
Find a Bank or Credit Union Near You
No matter where you live in Sonoma County, there is a local bank or credit union there to serve you.
VIDEO: Watch a few "Localista Minute" videos about our members
Sonoma County Food Forum
The Sonoma County Food Forum was held last Thursday, February 24th, at the Showcase Cafe in the Sonoma County Fairgrounds facility.  The event was co-hosted by the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors and the Sonoma County Food System Alliance, a working group of organizations and individuals concerned about good food and healthy farms.
Sonoma County and the Vitality of Independent Retail
In short, the study reveals the relative strength of locally owned businesses expressed by an index score for every MSA.  They measured the retail market share for chain stores nationwide and by each MSA, with the assumption that the remaining share belonged to local and regional retailers.  The national baseline index equals 100, and Sonoma County's index is 128.3.
Nationwide Survey Finds "Buy Local" Message Benefiting Independent Businesses
Nationwide Survey Shows Independent Business Alliances and Related Efforts Are Increasing Revenue for Local Businesses
Sonoma County at the Heart of Slow Living
Petaluma's Beth Meredith and Eric Storm of member Create The Good Life recently featured in nationally syndicated column for their work helping people to slow down and live more fulfilling lives.
Why Bank Local?
Local banks and credit unions play an important role in our local economy that increases the impact of the shift.  
Money, Value, and the Fed
 Our debt-based monetary system is not serving us well.
Annie Leonard's 'The Story of Electronics' - Design for the Dump
Annie Leonard visits Sonoma County, and if you missed it, catch her new video "The Story of Electronics".
Vote with Your Dollars - Part 2 of 2
Get out and vote, and while you do, remember that your political votes are only the beginning of your power to make your voice heard.