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Local Has Its Options
Dear Localista, I'm from Napa County and stumbled across your website searching for a local bookstore.  One of your members has a location in Napa County.  What difference does it make whether I shop at a local bookstore in Napa, at the Sonoma County owned store, or at our neighborhood Barnes & Noble? Avid Reader in Calistoga
Independent Retailers Outperform Many Chains Over Holidays
In an extremely challenging economic climate, independent retailers are outperforming many chains, a national survey has found.
GoLocal Member Indigenous Receives YouTopia Grant
The reports, "Starting a new decade and marking the beginning of its 15th year in business, Indigenous Designs has been awarded the Free Range Studios 2009 YouTopia Grant."
VIDEO: Move Your Money
People all over the country are choosing to move their money out of bigger banks and into smaller, community-oriented financial institutions that generally avoided the reckless investments and schemes that helped cause the financial crisis.
The Big Deal About Local vs Locale
Dear Localista, What's the big deal about local businesses? I mean, all businesses that are here are local, aren't they?  Shouldn't we support them all?    Just Curious in Santa Rosa
Member Spotlight: The Toyworks
Get to know John and Marilyn Goehring, proprietors of The Toyworks and learn how they've created Sonoma County's favorite toy store by providing quality toys and service for the past 32 years.
Bad Credit, Good Credit
Money. It’s what everybody needs to run their lives. And right now, we’re all asking: How come we don’t have enough money to do what we need to do? Everybody’s in the red. The U.S Treasury, states, counties, cities, homeowners, businesses, non-profits.
Take Control of Your Money and Your Life
One of GoLocal's goals is assisting education of community economics so that we can reclaim local economic power.  An important aspect begins with you and your personal economics.  How do you earn and spend your money?
VIDEO: Surfing For Change: Bank Locally
Short video produced by a Santa Cruz surfer.  Dude, where's my local bank!
You Are What You Eat
As I was coming home along Hwy 101 from an extended trip and crossing into Sonoma County I was struck, as always, by what a beautiful place this is.
Local Economics 101
Several years ago I bought a 750lb. variable-speed drill press from an online company.  They import directly from China and better than 90% of their distribution is internet-based.
Drink Local
I’ve started looking at the little things; like what I drink.  Doing a bit of searching and I discovered some remarkable statistics...