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Small Farmers Creating a New Business Model as Agriculture Goes Local
“The future is local,” said Narendra Varma, 43, a former manager at Microsoft who invested $2 million of his own money last year in a 58-acre project of small plots and new-farmer training near Portland, Ore.
Date 07/03/2012
CFCU Rewards Form
Link your CFCU debit card your Rewards account with this form.
Date 07/01/2012
Community First Credit Union and Rewards Card Unite
Watch a short video that explains how it works.
Date 07/01/2012
Buying a House: What to Expect
GoLocal member Scott Sheldon of Sonoma County Mortgages shares a blog post to helps people understand the world of real estate better.
Author Scott Sheldon Date 06/27/2012
Would You Like a Song with that Cup of Coffee?
Tomorrow when you get your morning caffeine fix I would like to challenge you to ask yourself a few significant questions such as; when was the last time you heard a bird sing? And just how much does that cup of coffee really cost?
Author Inanna LaFevre Date 06/21/2012
The Rise of the New Economy Movement
The New Economy Movement is already energetically involved in an extraordinary range of activities.
Date 06/17/2012
Solutions for Keeping YOUR State Parks Open
Michele Luna, Executive Director of the Stewards of the Coast and Redwoods, lays out a plan to help keep the state parks of our region open.
Author Michele Luna Date 06/13/2012
Sustainability Consortium
We are a group of sustainability professionals working together to increase demand and raise awareness for sustainability in our community. We meet monthly to eco-boost Sonoma County!
Author Julie Montgomery Date 05/31/2012

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